Hi! I’m Jason Rader

I’m a PhD student at Oxford, ultramarathon runner, and digital nomad. Pack Quickly is my online handle.

Optimisation and Scientific Machine Learning

I am a second-year student in the CDT of Random Systems, a joint research program between Oxford and Imperial College London.

My research is in optimisation for scientific machine learning (SciML.) This means I do a lot of numerics, math modeling, ML, and of course optimisation.

Running and Travel

I am an ultra-endurance runner, and I use this as an excuse to solo travel frequently.

My races for this year are:

I am working towards running and solo traveling simultaneously. In other words, bikepacking or long distance fastpacking. If you have experience doing this please reach out on Twitter!

Other Fun Stuff

Before doing maths and running I briefly studied at Berklee College of Music, where I played electric guitar and made electronic music.